Writing & Editing

I am available for freelance writing on many topics (see my portfolio by clicking the "Recent Writing" tab in the menu to the left). I am also available for freelance editing, with a confident grasp on both AP and Chicago style. I love helping other writers nail the tone, style, and content they're reaching for, and it's great fun to hear their successes after we work together.

I often find myself making notes of typos, awkward style choices, or unclear explanations in marketing materials. It's a reflex from years of editing, writing, and thinking about editing and writing. I love to put that reflex to use for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are too busy running the show to focus in on the small tweaks that make ebooks, websites, and content writing special.

Tutoring &   Applications

I have over six years experience tutoring and coaching high school and college students in a variety of subjects, especially in English (all levels & AP) and essay composition.  I am also comfortable with AP French, AP Latin, AP European History, and AP US History. In addition to subject tutoring, I specialize in Executive Functioning -- helping students master the skills of organization, planning, scheduling, and accountability that make getting good grades so much easier. I'm a creative person with ADD, so I understand the struggles non-neurotypical students have to work through to be on top of their work.

The many moving parts of college applications require focus and, often, a tutor to help smooth the road for both parents and teens. I am comfortable with one-on-one tutoring for the SAT, SAT subject tests, and ACT, using methods from the Princeton Review, Kaplan, Barron's, and my own experience. In addition, I am an expert on the Common App and helping seniors to craft an essay that represents the best of them. 

Here's a reviews from a tutoring client:

"Sophia did an amazing job helping me write essays for a college application. Sophia knows how to write, but more importantly she knows how to help you think about what you need to write about. She is in complete control of her editing process--all you have to do is listen to her to get a good essay. Sophia understands how to get the best writing out of you. She helped me understand myself better through her penetrating insight into the feelings of what makes good writing."

- Basil, transfer student to LMU '19

Outsource Your Emails

Look, some people hate writing emails. If you're one of those people, never fear! I will write your emails for $5 a pop. Just let me know the information you'd like to include, the tenor of the email, and your relationship with the recipient, and I'll craft something that would have taken you three more weeks to get around to. (Price includes one total rewrite.)

Comedy & Performance

Along with my comedy partner, Lindsey Toiaivao, I am the co-founder, co-producer, and co-writer of Midcat Comedy. Together, we create custom comedy for workshops, company retreats, and conferences. The act can include stand-up, sketches, and songs that celebrate and gently parody corporate clients. In the past, we've worked with both local companies and national conferences (we performed at the 2015 Indiana Conference for Women, for one).  We love to bring joy and levity to business, and are making a business of joy and levity. Contact us at midcatcomedy@gmail.com, or by clicking the button below.

Content & Marketing

I use technically precise grammar, perfect spelling, tone and vocabulary, and solid structure to build effective content writing. Once you’re confident in the writing strategy we’ve built together, we will create a social media marketing strategy to get you in front of the audience you’re trying to reach.

If you’re looking for solid writing and an engaging narrative thread that accentuate the special parts of your business or your story, let’s get started. You can see my experience, past projects, and rates via my UpWork profile - just click the button below.